PoC Hero

Here and Now and Then

Here and Now and Then is a literary science fiction novel which focuses on family - how we can never have too much of it and how we will do anything to protect those we love. His mind is going, his memories fading along with it. In the year 2142 Kin Stewart is a special agent for the Temporal Cor ...

Burning Tigress

All through my reading Burning Tigress I shook my head at this missed opportunity. Author Jade Lee is a good writer with a strong knowledge of 19th century Shanghai. When she’s describing the Chinese scolding each other and struggling with life among English people whom they detest, she is marvelo ...

Upon a Midnight Clear

Since the Loveswept line seems doomed, I hope another publisher snaps up Catherine Mulvany fast. She is too good to disappear. I love reading a writer's first book and knowing that I've found someone whose new books I will look for. Upon a Midnight Clear is Catherine Mulvany's debut and if she keeps ...