Princes Series

The Serpent Prince

If you’ve ever seen the classic movie Tom Jones you know just how much fun bawdy innuendo can be. I was reminded of that film and it’s irrepressible joie de vivre as I read The Serpent Prince and, considering my extreme fondness for Tom Jones (not to even mention the incredible deliciousness tha ...

The Leopard Prince

Last year Elizabeth Hoyt made a splash with her debut novel The Raven Prince. It earned DIK status here at AAR and gained more than one honor on our 11th Annual Reader Poll. The Leopard Prince is her second offering, loosely tied to The Raven Prince, but in no way a sequel. Sophomore books are trick ...

The Raven Prince

The Raven Prince is classic romance. It is the type of book that reminds me why I love this genre. Elizabeth Hoyt’s debut novel brings emotion, sensuality, and wit to the forefront, blending it all together with a deft hand. The characters are not new to us: A nobleman with a heart-hardening past ...