Psychic Romance

Shadow Game

Christine Feehan must face an interesting set of challenges when she sits down to write a book. On the one hand, as the author of the extremely popular Carpathian series, she is surely under a great deal of pressure to continue writing the same best-selling formula. On the other hand, she undoubte ...

Not So Innocent

Sophie Haversham is an impoverished gentlewoman who can sometimes see the future in her dreams. This time, she has seen an image of a violent murder that she wants desperately to prevent, but when she goes to the police to report her vision, Sophie discovers that the victim she foresaw is none other ...

Not So Innocent

Not So Innocent takes place in London and its environs in 1897, the year of Queen Victoria's Jubilee. Mick Dunbar, a detective with Scotland Yard, is celebrating his 36th birthday when he meets Sophie Haversham. Sophie is psychic, and she comes to Scotland Yard to tell the police that she's had a ...