Quinn Brothers trilogy

Rising Tides

Rising Tides is the second in Nora Roberts' Quinn Brothers series. It's not as good as the first in the trilogy, Sea Swept, but it's still quite good. There's somewhat less of the Quinn's masculine brotherhood to savor, although the poignant and precarious situation of Seth Quinn, their adopted youn ...

Sea Swept

Most of the books I read these days are ones needing to be reviewed. Sea Swept had already been reviewed, so I didn't have to make notes, be analytical or justify my opinions. I was taking a busman's holiday, a little like a food critic, who after spending meal after meal at tony gourmet restaurants ...

Sea Swept

I'll confess - I'm a woman who likes "guy things," I like watching sports, I love the Three Stooges, and I'll watch a good action movie any day of the week rather than a bad chick-flick. I hate to shop (except for books) and I'm perfectly happy without makeup. I think hair rollers were invented by m ...