Ransom Canyon series

Mistletoe Miracles

Jodi Thomas’ messy Mistletoe Miracles continues her Ransom Canyon series and combines the stories of three unlikely couples who manage to fall in love through in-name-only romances, all during the Christmas season in Crossroads, Texas. The Maverick Ranch has been in the Holloway family for gene ...

Indigo Lake

I picked up Indigo Lake for review because I’ve read Jodi Thomas before and liked her work. Not so much that I follow her release schedule closely, but enough that when I saw she had something new coming out, I felt comfortable grabbing it without digging deeply into the synopsis. In other words, ...

Wild Horse Springs

There hasn’t been a single Jodi Thomas book that I’ve picked up and been disappointed with. Her quiet storytelling really speaks to me. While this book has some gripping action, overall, it’s a gentle tale of three intertwining strands. Dan Brigman is the sheriff of Crossroads, Texas, a man ...