Reconstruction Romance


Forbidden is the first book I’ve read by Beverly Jenkins. I’m always interested in a good Western romance, and since I knew Ms. Jenkins has received good reviews before, I snapped this one up when I saw it was available. Based on this book, I expect I’ll be returning to read more of Ms. Jenkin ...

Midnight Confessions

New Orleans is an occupied city in 1862, and the locals have no reason to trust the Union military currently in charge. So when a respected Creole doctor, Henri Santerre, is mysteriously murdered while visiting the graves of friends, few expect the murderer to be pursued or caught - especially Emman ...

The Prisoner

Having read Reavis's new historical The Bride Fair, I was curious about its relationship to the author's other historicals. I did a little digging and found out that the The Prisoner is a prequel of sorts, so I searched out a copy of the older book, hoping that it would be as good, but not really ex ...