Richard Armitage

The Jane Austen Society

Narrated by Richard Armitage This past spring, in the early days of the pandemic, I read the complete works of Jane Austen, which, I thought, made me rather suited to taking on a review of the audiobook version of The Jane Austen Society, a gentle, quiet, sincere story that is an homage to the wo ...


Narrated by Richard Armitage and Grace Grant. I’ve enjoyed listening to several of Lauren Blakely’s light-hearted, sexy romances; they’re fun, easy listens, made moreso by the fact that they’re read by some of the best narrators in the business. Her latest story, Wanderlust, is set in Par ...


Allow me to begin by saying I have not read a single Georgette Heyer book in print. I have, however, listened to three of her audiobooks and, although I’m far from being proficient in all things Heyer, I can lay claim to the opinion that you can’t read just one. I’m slowly exploring the audio ...