Rock Star Romance series

More Than a Feeling

More Than a Feeling is the last novel in the Rock Star Romance series and features Cooper, guitarist for the band Blue Fire.  It works as a standalone, but it’s helpful to read the other books first. When the story opens, Blue Fire is in the middle of a tour although a planned two-week hiatus ...

Take Me Home Tonight

Books that create a balance between the familiar and the surprising often rocket to the top of my recommendation list. If a story makes me feel like I have my footing in its world, but also keeps me rapidly turning pages - that book has my allegiance. Take Me Home Tonight is that sort of book and I ...

You Really Got Me

Have you ever read a book, liked it, and gone back a day (or a year) later and wondered why? That’s how I felt when I sat down to write this review. I read the bulk of You Really Got Me all in one evening—a testament to how engaged in it I was—and yet looking back on it I could only recall it ...