Rogues Redeemed series

Once a Spy

Once a Spy is the fourth and final installment in Mary Jo Putney’s Rogues Redeemed series. It’s a mixed bag of lovely romance, questionable circumstances, interesting war story, and unbelievable outcomes. In the end, I was entertained but it left me scratching my head a few times. British int ...

Once a Rebel

Mary Jo Putney’s series about redeemed rogues adds a second chapter in, Once a Rebel,  a story featuring two childhood friends who manage to fall in love in spite of the titanic-sized obstacles between them. Lord George Gordon Richard Augustus Audley  - third son of the Marquess of Kingston - ...

Once a Soldier

Once a Soldier is the first book in Mary Jo Putney’s new Rogues Redeemed series. This book begins with Major Lord Will Masterson regaining consciousness locked in a French cellar after being knocked out by the enemy.  He and several other prisoners are scheduled to be hung the next morning as ...