Roxton Family saga

Proud Mary

I’m fairly new to Lucinda Brant’s books though I’ve quickly discovered what I like best about her writing - exquisite period detail, slow burn romances, and principals who are both engaging and appealing.  Proud Mary, the fifth book in the Roxton Family Saga is romantic, charming, low on angs ...

Dair Devil

Narrated by Alex Wyndham This fourth book in Lucinda Brant’s Roxton Family Saga , is a lovely, beautifully romantic story about a man who hides his true self behind a wild, brash exterior, whose life is transformed by a young woman who had thought only to observe life from the sidelines. B ...

Autumn Duchess: The Audiobook

Narrated by Alex Wyndham One of the things I really like about Autumn Duchess is the way in which Lucinda Brant has upended a number of different romantic tropes all in the one book. Firstly, her central couple are a bit older than usual – the heroine is (by my reckoning) forty-eight – and no ...