Royals series

Twisted Palace

It’s hard to know where to start this review.  On the one hand, I enjoyed the series as a whole and could never have skipped Twisted Palace.  Unfortunately, this instalment - after all the double crosses, angst, murders and red herrings - was anticlimactic.  As usual, the story entertains and I ...

Broken Prince

Did you read the first book in the Royals trilogy, Paper Princess?  I have good news for you:  Broken Prince is just as addictive and compelling and its ending is just as frustrating!  Love, blackmail, betrayals - Broken Prince has all those and more.  Happy ever afters?  Not so much.  When th ...

Paper Princess

Paper Princess is the YA brainchild of authors Jen Frederick and Elle Kennedy (both of whom write terrific and sexy NA sports romances), writing under the pen name Erin Watt – and I couldn’t put it down. The pace is fast, the characters are complex and the ending… well, I don’t want to give ...