Rugby series

The Varlet and the Voyeur

I love a great sports romance and the Rugby series has been a reliably sexy, romantic and wholly satisfying treat for this fan. After the disappointment that was the third book, The Cad and the Co-ed, I’m pleased to say that normal service has been resumed and L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid have score ...

The Cad and the Co-ed

I enjoyed the first two books in the Rugby series and frequently recommend them to fans looking for great sports romances.  Entertaining, romantic and filled with great locker room banter and sports references, The Cad and the Co-ed is a delightful addition to this particular series.  But … it i ...

The Player and the Pixie

To his chagrin, Irish rugby player Sean Cassidy finds himself attracted to Lucy Fitzpatrick (sister of one of his teammates). He doesn’t know her well, but following a brief conversation at a team party and an awkward dinner date, he can’t stop thinking about her and decides to pursue her.  Luc ...