San Francisco

The House of Many Rooms

"Let's say that my character is a house of many rooms," says Michael Florio, the anti-hero of this thriller. Although I had heard raves about this book and knew of the level of suspense in the story, I wasn't prepared to be as engrossed as I was - for the first two-thirds of the book, that is. ...

The Enchanted Land

Morgan Wakefield was taught by her embittered mother to trust no man. After her father's death, a father she has never known, his will is read. She will inherit only if she marries a man and lives in the New Mexico territory for one year. Her greedy uncle, who will get everything if Morgan does not ...

Beautiful Lies

After a slow start Beautiful Lies picks up speed and draws the reader into a complex and engrossing tale involving two families and the Pearl of Great Price that has haunted and cursed them for generations. Most of the book takes place in contemporary San Francisco and the Australian O ...