San Remini series

Falling for Prince Federico

Nicole Burnham's series featuring the diTalora family of San Rimini is probably one of the best of its kind. There are certainly many imaginary principalities out there on the bookshelves, but somehow San Rimini and its ruling family manage to feel more real than most of them. By the end of this boo ...

The Prince's Tutor

Royal romances seem to be the latest overused staple on the series romance landscape these days. Most of them seem to approach the royal aspect the way some historical authors do: as wallpaper. Make up a foreign-sounding name, plop it down somewhere in Eastern Europe, throw a fancy title on one of t ...

Going to the Castle

Antony diTalora, the crown prince of San Rimini, has a problem. At 34 he is getting a lot of pressure from his father and his nation to marry and produce a male heir. He's been coerced into meeting and dating a lot of women in search of the perfect bride, hence the media has dubbed him the playboy p ...