Scandal & Scoundrel series

The Day of the Duchess

Sarah MacLean concludes her Scandal and Scoundrels series with The Day of the Duchess, the book many of us have been eagerly anticipating since Sophie, youngest of the scandalous Talbot sisters, pushed Malcolm Bevingstoke, Duke of Haven, into an ornamental fish pond in book one, The Rogue Not Taken. ...

A Scot in the Dark

Lillian “Lily” Hargrove agreed to pose naked for a painter she loved. When he betrays her by winning a contest with the private work, she is both brokenhearted and ruined. Lily’s absentee guardian, Alec Stuart, Duke of Warnick, comes to save her by marrying her off ­ to anybody but him. ...

The Rogue Not Taken

In The Rogue Not Taken, the first in a new series from Sarah MacLean, she introduces us to the five Talbot sisters, daughters of a recently ennobled Earl who made his fortune in trade. Needless to say, given their origins, the family is tolerated rather than accepted by the ton, but instead of cower ...