second chance love story

Summer in Good Hope

This is the second in a series focused on four sisters and set in Door County, Wisconsin, a gorgeous tourist area on the shores of Green Bay. I’ve read a few too many contemporary romances set in small towns lately, but this one completely worked for me. I appreciate that the residents feel real, ...

Barely Breathing

Lexi Jewell left Scarlett Springs a donkey’s age ago, choosing a life of her own in Chicago as a CPA rather than stick around a town that only offered her pain and judgement. She’s back now for reasons beyond her control and planning to high-tail it out again as soon as she can sort her father ...

The Star King

In Susan Grant's The Star King, Air Force fighter pilot Jasmine Boswell is shot from the sky over Saudi Arabia and plunged into a dreamscape environment with a mysterious man who reaches out and touches her very soul. Meeting him 20 years later brings surprises that take Jasmine from the desert of A ...