sexual assault

Asking for It

As I read Louise O’Neill’s Asking For It, I had mixed feelings. I hated the story; it was not a pleasant read, and it left me feeling unsatisfied. Ironically though, the reason why I now appreciate it so much is because of how uncomfortable and angry I was while and after reading it. I knew goi ...

Whispering Rock

It seems to me that romance readers are always worrying over the “forced seduction” book. Is it coming back? Is it really about rape? Can violent, abusive men be heroes? I loved Whispering Rock because it made those stories look shallow. Here all of the pain and suffering that someone experience ...

Her Secret, His Child

In Her Secret, His Child, Paula Detmer Riggs confronts the delicate issue of date rape head-on when she brings hero Mitch Scanlon, disabled now but still potently attractive, back into Carly Alderson's life. This book earned its place on my keeper shelves because in Mitch, Riggs created a hero so po ...