The Dream Thief by Shana Abe

It’s a given, for me, that any book Shana Abe creates will be a beautifully written, lyrical story that captures all your senses. She could probably turn my grocery list into some type of poetry. But is that enough? No. If there isn’t enough plot and character dimension, all the lush descriptions would fall to…

Captive Moon by C.T. Adams

When super sexy animal trainer Antoine Monier decides to rescue the female tiger police confiscated from poachers in Germany, he gets more than be expects. The tigress, Tahira Kuric, is a shape-shifter like himself. But, Tahira is part of the Hayalet Ghost Tribe, a remote clan of shifters that are at war with the Sazi….

Broken by Kelley Armstrong

Although I have enjoyed the previous books in the Women of the Otherworld series, this one was definitely not my favorite. It was nice to see Elena and Clay featured again, but I felt that they spent most of the book running in circles, chasing their tails (pun intended). For those that aren’t familiar with…

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