Sisters of Scandal series

The Earl's Inconvenient Wife

Julia Justiss’ series about the Lattimars, who must swim against the social tide to win their happily ever afters, continues with The Earl’s Inconvenient Wife, in which two best friends find themselves married in name only – at least at first… Temperance - Temper - Lattimar has a scandalo ...

A Most Unsuitable Match

Julia Justiss opens her new Sisters of Scandal series with A Most Unsuitable Match, in which a young lady tainted by a scandal not of her own making strives to obey every strict rule of society and to make herself into a pattern-card of propriety in an attempt to free herself from the unkind gossip ...

The Improper Bride

I'm usually leery of jumping into the middle of a series, but the plot of The Improper Bride intrigued me. Thankfully, this book stands alone very well, and even better, it was a fun read. If you like romances that deal with class differences, this would definitely be one to try. The book opens d ...