Small Town Swains series


In the town of Vader, Tennessee, the Crabbs are the poorest family, so Esme Crabb plans to find a prosperous man to marry. Cleavis Rhy not only owns a store filled with delicious foodstuffs but lives in a big house, which makes the decision easy for her, and Pamela Morsi’s Garters begins with Esme ...

Heaven Sent

Pamela Morsi’s Heaven Sent begins when Hannah Bunch, a preacher’s eldest daughter, decides she’s ready for a home and family of her own. Problem is, she’s been the responsible mainstay of her family for so long that they don’t seem to think she needs anything more. She’s a respectable sp ...

The Love Charm

Big Misunderstanding plots don’t work for me. Beautiful but scatterbrained heroines really don’t work for me. So it was a surprise and delight when Pamela Morsi’s The Love Charm proved the exception and made both these elements work very well. In an Acadian community living by the Vermilion ...