Standing Tall series

Autumn's Child

Autumn’s Child is a truly lovely second-chance romance featuring a warm cast of secondary characters and a lot of sharp-eyed longing. Mrs. Norton W. Ridge II - Eleanor – is a set-in-her-ways old woman of the genteel south, whose relatives mostly abhor her, aside from a niece who considers car ...

The Last Snowfall

At twenty-nine, Nate Forrest’s snowboarding career is over; the next injury will likely leave him paralyzed. While visiting his childhood friend Pete in Forrest, West Virginia, both men are caught up in a late spring blizzard and take shelter with Dr. Lacey Berryman. Lacey came to West Virginia on ...

The Fourth Summer

As kids, Caitlin McGraw and Seth Street used to meet in North Carolina in the summers, where he taught her to skateboard and became her first love. Then the Olympics pulled Seth away to snowboarding glory, and Caitlin moved on as a graphic designer. Both are surprised to realize they are still legal ...