Home to Texas

Home to Texas was my first experience with Kaki Warner, and although it’s is book two in a series (Brides of Rough Creek, Texas), it works perfectly fine as a standalone.  There are other characters in the story who have clearly appeared in other books by this author, but they’re very much seco ...

Almost Missed You

Almost Missed You is Jessica Strawser's début novel, and it's one I'm finding it difficult to describe. Some reviewers say it's best to go into this novel knowing as little about the plot as possible, but personally, I’m not one to pick up a book I know nothing of, so I'll do my best to summarize ...

Under the Harrow

With the success of books like Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train, psychological thrillers are enjoying a rebirth of popularity. Flynn Berry's debut novel, Under the Harrow fits nicely into this category.  Though a bit rougher around the edges than some I've read from more accomplished authors, th ...