Sydney Smoke Rugby series

Playing with Trouble

I am a sucker for an Amy Andrews book. After reading as much of her back catalogue as I can get my hands on, Ms. Andrews is an author that I just know is going to provide me a happy escape and a satisfying ending. Playing With Trouble is no exception. Additionally, it’s a creative bridge between t ...

Playing Dirty

Playing Dirty is the latest installment in Amy Andrews’ incredibly enjoyable Sydney Smoke series, about the rugby players of the team by the same name. This novel centers on the team’s newest hot shot player, Kyle, and the coach’s daughter, Val. There’s insta-lust all over this one, along wi ...

Playing it Cool

Hooooo buddy, grab a fan to fan thyself when reading this one because Playing It Cool is intense. Set in Australia, this romance is between Dex, a professional rugby player, and Harper, a mural artist. They meet on the sidelines of one of Dex’s matches, where he cannot take his eyes of the curvy b ...