The Company of Rogues Series

The Dragon's Bride

I didn’t like The Dragon’s Bride, Jo Beverley’s latest, as much as I’d expected to based on her earlier books - Secrets of the Night is one of my favorite romances. Although I liked the hero, the heroine, the setting, and the plot, I was plagued by a nagging sense of disbelief as regards the ...

An Unwilling Bride

Okay, I'm almost totally converted to a Jo Beverley fan. I've read five of her books now, and although I didn't love the first three, Devilish is a keeper, and this book sends her to my glom list. An Unwilling Bride follows the evolution of an arranged marriage as it becomes a love match. Two stron ...


I've read beautiful heroines and I've read plain ones but Jo Beverley did something in Forbidden that I've never encountered. She wrote a beautiful heroine who is pitiable precisely because she is so magnificent looking. This is some trick, but it's not as hard to believe as one first thinks. Regard ...