The Cowboys series

The Mavericks

The Mavericks, Leigh Greenwood's recent novel set in the Old West, is the latest in The Cowboys series, stories about a family of a dozen adopted boys, most of whom have already been featured in books of their own. This one is unusual as it tells the story of two of these brothers, with each of them ...


Well, I have to say that I liked Ward better than I liked Jake, but this series still lacks the spark of the Seven Brides series. I feel like I'm going to harp here but again, Ward lacks tension; it lacks some real interest to get things going, and this does not bode well for The Cowboys. On the oth ...


Jake Maxwell has just returned from the Civil War to find his family’s land stolen and his cattle scattered all over Texas. While Jake was off fighting for what he believed in, mean-spirited and greedy farmers have destroyed what he had set out to build. Now they want Jake to pay reparations for t ...