The King's Elite series

The Disgraceful Lord Gray

Virginia Heath’s The Disgraceful Lord Gray is a pleasant read with some awesome moments, all of them courtesy of the hero. It doesn’t offer anything new plot-wise, but the energy of the dialogue and the excellent writing stand out. Lord Graham Chadwick (aka Gray) and his superior, Lord Fennim ...

The Uncompromising Lord Flint

I thoroughly enjoyed The Wild Warriners, and was excited when I finished the last book in that series (A Warriner to Seduce Her) and discovered Jake’s colleagues in the King’s Elite would be getting a series of their own.  Unfortunately, The King’s Elite series has been a disappointment so fa ...

The Mysterious Lord Millcroft

The ever reliable Virginia Heath kicks off her new King’s Elite series with The Mysterious Lord Millcroft, which pairs a daring, courageous spy who is hopeless around women with one of society’s reigning beauties, both of them characters we’ve met briefly before in the author’s Wild Warriner ...