The Lamb and the Lion series

The Same End

No one writes AWKWARD, PAINFUL, HILARIOUS, CRINGE-INDUCING, AWESOME, SWEET, TENDER, SEXY dialogue as well as Gregory Ashe.  You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wince...and then you'll wish the book was longer. So, is The Same End good, phenomenal, or what?  Yes, it is.  It’s brilliant and feat ...

The Same Place

The Same Place is book two in Gregory Ashe’s The Lamb and the Lion series about a Utah-based wildlife vet and a con man – an odd couple if ever there was one – who, in The Same Breath, teamed up to solve a murder.  Like its predecessor, this book is a perfectly balanced combination of myster ...

The Same Breath

In honour of one of the principal characters in this book, I'm going to start this review with some statistics.  Gregory Ashe’s The Same Breath is the fifth of his books reviewed in 2020 to get a DIK review (he’s received nine since February 2019).  It’s also the eighth book he’s published ...