The London Underground series

Dare to Love a Duke

I tend to have pretty tepid feelings towards secret clubs in romances, whether they’re historical or contemporary. There’s something about the idea of all these sex clubs, gaming hells and what have you operating in secret and yet always making gobs of money and never seeming to require much – ...

Counting on a Countess

I’ve been looking forward to Counting on a Countess, the second book in Eva Leigh’s London Underground series, which features a set of clever, independent heroines in unusual circumstances who have to make their livings in a somewhat unorthodox manner.  I’m a fan of Ms. Leigh’s; she’s a g ...

From Duke Till Dawn

From Duke Till Dawn changes the perspective usually seen in historical romance.  Most times the story is told through the viewpoint of the rich, where the mansions, ballrooms and men’s clubs of London are standard fare.  Author Eva Leigh takes all of that glamour and turns it on its ear to show ...