The Lost Lords series

Nowhere Near Respectable

Mary Jo Putney has long been a favorite of mine, but her recent return to historicals has been a bit hit or miss with me; while I enjoyed the previous Lost Lords series, her other recent release, The Bargain, failed to catch my attention. Now she’s back to the Lost Lords in Nowhere Near Respectabl ...

Never Less Than a Lady

Never Less Than a Lady is Mary Jo Putney’s second installment in her Lost Lords series and, while it’s better than many romances on the market, as a longtime fan of the author, I was disappointed. Without a doubt Mrs. Putney is one of the greats of the romance genre, but if you’re looking for ...

Loving a Lost Lord

I’ve long awaited Mary Jo Putney’s return to historical romance, so I began this one with high expectations. While Loving a Lost Lord is a well done romance on many levels, it also missed the mark on just as many. The ducal hero, Adam, believed dead in an explosion on his yacht as the story b ...