The Mounties

Witness Protection Unraveled

In the Love Inspired Suspense line, balancing the romance, suspense and spiritual elements in a relatively short book must be tough for an author. In Witness Protection Unraveled, Maggie K. Black shows us how that balance can be achieved. This novel is the third in the author’s Protected Identitie ...

Shotgun Nanny

Shotgun Nanny by Nancy Warren was my favorite of the two stories. It's set in Vancouver, British Colombia (how refreshing!) and involves a former RCMP (Mountie) and the woman he hires to take care of his orphaned niece. This story has a lot of well-written humor in it, making it a very fun read. ...

The Third Daughter

I'd never read an historical romance set in Canada before, so I was looking forward to reading The Third Daughter. Unfortunately, this book turned out to be a real mixed bag for me. Fox paired a likable hero who had an interesting job with a thick-skulled, overly tomboyish heroine, and those two did ...