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Memories of Glass

In 1997, the Seinfeld episode called The Yada Yada aired. While this installment is best known for coining the term “anti-dentite” and the use of yada, yada to skip details in conversation, it also takes an intriguing look at religious conversion and the confused feelings such an event creates i ...

Searching for Sylvie Lee

Searching for Sylvie Lee, the beautiful, mesmerizing new novel by Jean Kwok, has been named a ‘Most Anticipated’ book  by  Marie Claire, Good Housekeeping,  and a host of other publications.  I’ve been anticipating it since I finished her excellent Mambo in Chinatown in 2014. While this st ...

Flirting with Forever

Campbell Stratford desperately wants the post of Executive Director at the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh. She feels she deserves it, and with a donation of a million-dollar piece of artwork by famous seventeenth century artist Van Dyck coming through based on a contact of hers, she thinks the ...