The Smythe-Smith Quartet

The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy

I’ve seen a lot of very mixed reactions to this book, which is the final novel in the author’s Smythe-Smith Quartet. All the negative comments I’ve seen concern the actions of the hero, the eponymous Sir Richard, who - it’s true - perpetrates a rather despicable deception on the heroine. But ...

The Sum of All Kisses

Having listened to – and enjoyed - the previous two books in the Smythe-Smith series, I’m inclined to think this is the best of them so far. Each one has been full of Ms Quinn’s trademark wit and excellent characterisation, but for me, The Sum of All Kisses had a little something extra in the ...

A Night Like This

Julia Quinn is dependable when it comes to light-hearted, sweet Regencies. I am happy to say that A Night Like This is no exception. Is this great literature? Nah. But it doesn’t have to be, nor does it pretend to be. It is simple and fun and I enjoyed it thoroughly. Daniel Smythe-Smith had a c ...

Just Like Heaven

Julia Quinn writes light. Consequently, even though some of her plots are gritty and hard-hitting and some of her characters are conflicted, controversy reigns over her novels. Very few readers walk away without an opinion on whether Quinn’s writing is enjoyable or not. I’m in the camp of those ...