The Splendid Trilogy


A DIKlassic review! (originally published on January 25, 1997) Splendid is a splendidly, witty, wicked, and sexy read. I liken Splendid to Seinfeld. Just as Jerry, Kramer, Elaine, and George can spend a half hour entertaining us while doing essentially nothing, Julia Quinn''s debut novel is a deli ...


Julia Quinn writes wonderfully witty, sexy books that work best when there isn't a plot, or a traditional "villain." That's why Splendid is one of my all-time keepers. That's why I liked Dancing at Midnight less than Splendid, and why I like Minx better than Dancing at Midnight. Minx is the d ...

Dancing at Midnight

Julia Quinn, who debuted as a romance author with the quite splendid Splendid, has written its not-quite-as-splendid follow-up, Dancing At Midnight. Set in the Regency period, the book opens with Lady Arabella Blydon, our beautiful bluestocking heroine, visiting the country estate of her cousin Emma ...