The Sutherland Sisters series

Twelfth Night with the Earl

This emotionally charged novella is billed as the third book in Anna Bradley’s current Sutherland Sisters series, although it doesn’t actually feature a Sutherland.  It's linked to the other books by virtue of the fact that its hero, Ethan Fortescue, Earl of Devon, is one of the secondary chara ...

Lady Charlotte's First Love

Anna Bradley continues her Sutherland Sisters series with a very readable but also very old school portrait of a reckless lady with a broken heart and the solider who loved her once upon a time. Lady Charlotte Hadley has been behaving in a gradually more madcap manner since her husband met a trag ...

Lady Eleanor's Seventh Suitor

Lady Eleanor’s Seventh Suitor harkens back to a time in romance where heroes had a dark side and were willing to be cruel or manipulative in order to get what they wanted. Camden West has plans to marry Lady Eleanor Sutherland and has plotted meticulously to reach that endgame. That his bride-to-b ...