The Talk of the Beau Monde series

How to Chaperon a Lady

Virginia Heath has done it again. I could end my review of the delightful How Not to Chaperon a Lady there, but I won’t.  Just know that it absolutely suffices for me to say that much and let you read the whole book by yourself.  Go read it, you’ll be doing yourself quite the favor, though ...

The Marquess Next Door

I want to tell you I loved this middle novel in The Talk of the Beau Monde series, I really do.  Unfortunately, after an excellent start, the story loses focus.  The author introduces two lovely principal characters - he’s often mistaken for a pirate; she’s a buxom redhead with a sharp mind a ...

The Viscount's Unconventional Lady

Looking for a romance novel that’s low on angst and high on sexual tension?  One you’ll finish with a sigh of contented satisfaction?  Then look no further.  The Viscount's Unconventional Lady is, ironically, a somewhat conventional love story featuring a buttoned up, emotionally scarred hero ...