The Townsends series

A Scot's Surrender

Lily Maxton's series about the Townsend siblings continues with A Scot's Surrender, in which the good-natured, carefree Robert Townsend meets his match.  It’s a short, but entertaining read, and the author crafts a tender, sensual romance between Robert and Ian Cameron, the estate’s handsome f ...

The Rogue's Conquest

I loved Enchanting the Earl, the first book in Lily Maxton’s series about the Townsend siblings, which I called a "sweetly sensual character-driven romance" between a reclusive war hero and the free-spirited young woman who shows him that he’s a man worthy of love and acceptance.  I was impress ...

Enchanting the Earl

Lily Maxton gets her new series The Townsends off to a great start with the first book, Enchanting the Earl, a sweetly sensual character-driven romance set in a remote castle in the Scottish Highlands in 1812. It’s a short but charming enemies-to-lovers story in which the author skilfully balances ...