The Truth About the Duke series

One Night in London

Narrated by Gildart Jackson In One Night in London, book one of Caroline Linden’s 2011/2012 The Truth About the Duke trilogy, the deathbed vigil of the two younger sons of the Duke of Durham, is followed the next day by a meeting with the family solicitor. The solicitor reveals that the late du ...

Blame it on Bath

When I was growing up, my mother made it clear there was a path for nice girls who wanted to wed some day. One met a wonderful man, fell in love, married, and then had sex. In Blame it on Bath, Ms. Linden’s latest enjoyable entry in her The Truth about the Duke series, heroine Katherine Howe follo ...

One Night in London: The Truth about the Duke

Reading One Night in London was for me, rather like a date with a really great guy I just couldn’t muster up any enthusiasm for. There’s nothing wrong with the book. It just didn’t stir my reading passions. In this serviceable Regency romance, the heroine Lady Francesca Gordon needs a good ...