The Untouchables series

The Duke of Defiance

I hadn’t read any of Darcy Burke’s The Untouchables novels, but the title The Duke of Defiance sounded intriguing enough to make me try the book. Sadly, it was a dull read with the exception of a single moment I’ll mention later. Mild spoilers ahead. Thanks to an accident that kills both of ...

The Duke of Desire

The Duke of Desire, the fourth book in Darcy Burke’s series, The Untouchables, is quite possibly my favourite of them all so far.  I will admit that when I read the blurb, I was doubtful.  After all, the idea that the eponymous duke is a kind of Regency Era sex-therapist who helps couples to liv ...

The Duke of Deception

Darcy Burke’s The Duke of Deception is the third book in her current Untouchables series – the gentlemen so named by their ladies because their difference in social station puts the men well above their touch.  The hero of this book is not a duke at all, however – the moniker is chosen merely ...