The Wagers of Sin series

When the Marquess Was Mine

Amnesia plotlines aren’t easy to pull off well, so I’ll admit to a little trepidation when I picked up Caroline Linden’s When the Marquess was Mine, book three in her Wagers of Sin series.  Fortunately, she handles that aspect of the plot well and also creates a wonderfully romantic love stor ...

An Earl Like You

When I pick up a book by Caroline Linden, I know I’m going to be able to lose myself in a beautifully written character driven novel featuring fully-rounded characters with terrific chemistry, and a romance that evolves naturally and which is always at the forefront of the story.  An Earl Like Yo ...

My Once and Future Duke

So many people whose reading tastes closely align with my own have had stellar things to say about the work of Caroline Linden, so I was very pleased to get a review copy of My Once and Future Duke, the first book in her Wagers of Sin series. It's the story of a woman hovering on the very edge of re ...