The Way to a Lord's Heart series

Earl's Well That Ends Well

Earl’s Well That Ends Well is a second-chance romance about a nobleman falling in love again after a decade of being a widower, and the mysterious woman who catches his eye. While the characters are well-written and the pace of the story works, the resolution and romance leave something to be desi ...

A Lord Apart

I slogged through Jane Ashford’s A Lord Apart by promising myself I could do whatever I wanted when the book was over. Then I remembered it had to be reviewed, so I’m holding off on eating lunch until that’s done. This wasn’t even a bad book, just a stupefyingly dull one. Daniel Frith, Vi ...

Brave New Earl

In Brave New Earl, the kick off to a new series, Jane Ashford introduces us to Benjamin Romilly, the Earl of Furness, and Miss Jean Saunders. Benjamin is a widower who has reacted to his wife’s death by cutting himself off entirely from others - definitely emotionally and very nearly physically. T ...