The Widow Rules series

How to Best a Marquess

There’s nothing particularly bad about Janna MacGregor’s How to Best a Marquess - except for the fact that it isn’t particularly good. Blythe – Beth - Howell, who went from being an eligible heiress to the wife (or at least one-third of one) of a trigamist who “drowned in a mud puddle ...

Rules For Engaging the Earl

Rules for Engaging the Earl is the second book in Janna MacGregor’s Widow Rules series, following three women who discover they were married (at the same time) to the same man after his untimely death. Constance Lysander is the first of the three wives, and the only one whose marriage was valid ...

A Duke in Time

Janna MacGregor’s A Duke in Time begins with the heroine’s husband meeting his maker in a most inauspicious manner, and the goofiness keeps coming thick and fast. While the central relationship works fairly well, and the hero is good-hearted and the heroine well-meaning, the plot leans heavily t ...