Trinidad and Tobago

Everything to Me

The Caribbean island of Tobago is hosting its annual jazz festival, and music journalist Dakota Merrick is there to cover it - except her assistant failed to book her a hotel room. Producer Trent Walker takes pity on the damsel in distress and lets her take a room in his suite at a couples resort. B ...


Welcome to Trinidad - but the hard-working Trinidad of the oil and gas industry, not the sandy beaches and starlight of the world of resorts. Sean Scott is in Public Relations for the Orion methanol company, when her ex, Christian Devane, turns up to work in operations. While helping him open a loca ...

Soft Barracuda

Many years ago, Abi Bishop was a fellow AAR reviewer whose voice I particularly liked. Turns out, she has since become a novelist whose voice I like even more. Soft Barracuda, her d├ębut novel, is a contemporary romance that mixes the exotic - a Trinidad setting - with a likeable hero and heroine an ...