Heart’s Delight

I admire any author these days who writes an American Historical. They are few and far between. Needless to say I tucked right into Heart’s Delight with much enthusiasm and wasn’t too disappointed. My only regret is that I could have had something very special in my hands if not for the lack of pages….

Her Outlaw

Before starting I should come clean and say that I have an enormous affection for Geralyn Dawson’s books. The Bad Luck Wedding Cake was one of the first romance novels I read and I’ve enjoyed checking up on the McBride family featured in so many of her books ever since. That being said, while I…

A 5th Avenue Affair

When I first started reading romances, they all featured young heroines with older heroes. My reading tastes have changed over the years, and I don’t enjoy young heroines as much anymore. They inevitably seem, well, immature and naïve. Although the heroine of this book isn’t terrible, she did set my teeth on edge at times….

A Wedding Story

Writing a trilogy can be a tricky proposition. Some authors seem to start very strongly and then lose steam – and, unfortunately, that seems to be the case with A Wedding Story, the conclusion to Susan Kay Law’s Marrying Miss Bright trilogy. While I enjoyed the thoroughly charming The Bad Man’s Bride very much, this…

A 5th Avenue Christmas

A 5th Avenue Christmas didn’t work for me. At all. Though the premise is interesting, the actual execution falls short. Part of the problem is that the book itself is short, but it’s also crippled by characters who would be annoying in a book of any length. Meryl Carrington is the youngest daughter of a…

Forbidden by Susan Johnson

Forbidden by Susan Johnson

No doubt some of you are wondering why so many of us keep buying Susan Johnson’s books year after year. For me, at any rate, Forbidden is one of the most powerful reasons. After all, anyone who could write such an intelligent, lush, erotic, and three-dimensional love story once could certainly do it again. The…

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