Turn of the Century


Honey is a sweet slice of late Victorian Americana. It deftly mixes comedy and angst and features a spunky (but ladylike) heroine and a strong (but tortured) hero along with a fine group of supporting characters. Best of all, for a sports lover like me, most of the book takes place during the baseba ...

The Outsider

The Plain People are a religious group, similar to the Amish or the Mennonites. A member of their sect, "Plain" Rachel Yoder, lives peacefully on her Montana ranch, tending to her sheep and enjoying her "straight and narrow" way of life. She is not truly happy, though, and every time she looks at he ...

Carried Away

Jill Barnett almost deserves an A for effort in Carried Away. Unfortunately, the execution of this unique melding of two complete love stories and varying points of view doesn't quite merit a five. Too bad, because this author is one of the best in the genre, writing books that are all at once funny ...