Uncharted Realms series

The Dragons of Summer

I've been enjoying Jeffe Kennedy's Uncharted Realms fantasy romance series since I picked up The Crown of the Queen, a bridging novel between the author's Twelve Kingdoms series (which I've yet to read) and her Uncharted Realms series (which I've now read almost to completion). The end of that serie ...

The Edge of the Blade

AAR staffers Maggie Boyd and Caroline Russomanno discuss Jeffe Kennedy’s latest fantasy novel The Edge of the Blade, book two in her The Uncharted Realms series in our latest Pandora’s Box. In the Thirteen Kingdoms, a woman may sample the pleasures of a man with no strings attached. Jepp ...

The Pages of the Mind

We have long winters here in the North and at least once during those icy months I find myself dreaming of a place just like the one highlighted in this book. One with white sandy beaches and fruity drinks; the kind of place where comfy sarongs are worn to make the most of the hours and hours of hot ...