Uptown Girls series

The Devil of Downtown

The Devil of Downtown is hot little slice of Gilded Age New York City.  Watching the last Greene sister fall in lust, admiration and love while fighting the cruelties of the world provided me with yet another wonderful treat. Justine Greene (sister Florence and Mamie, heroines of books one and t ...

The Prince of Broadway

A spicy story of gamblers and ruthlessness, The Prince of Broadway is a unique experience and one heck of a way to end 2019. Clayton Madden is a rough-and-tumble casino owner who can make or break a man with a flick of his finger.  All the high society types come to wager at his casino -his prid ...

The Rogue of Fifth Avenue

I was really pleased when I learned that Frank Tripp, high-flying lawyer to the rich and famous of Gilded Age New York, would be getting his own story in The Rogue of Fifth Avenue the first book in Joanna Shupe’s new Uptown Girls series. Handsome, charming and urbane, Frank made for an attractive, ...