urban fantasy

Rogue Magic

What a wonderful début from Kit Brisby Rogue Magic is. This is an exciting thought provoking novel and at 328 pages there is time to really get absorbed in the alternate universe and the story. This is an America that has outlawed magic and oppresses those born with magical powers. Such people a ...

Fever Moon

Someone - or rather, something - Fae and evil is stealing pieces of human faces, leaving them in comas. MacKayla Lane, AKA Mac, must stop the mysterious monster before it collects thirteen faces, at which point the victims will die. I’ve never read Karen Marie Moning’s Fever books, so my impress ...


While I enjoy urban fantasy, I’m always aware that it’s a genre that will often lack a HEA and is sometimes written in first person, something I can find annoying. Faefever has both of those characteristics, and, though I found reading it occasionally frustrating, I was captivated. MacKayla L ...