My Loving Vigil Keeping

I once said that I’d happily read anything Carla Kelly wrote. Unfortunately, this book convinced me what works for her at around 200 pages doesn’t seem as compelling and interesting when the page count more than doubles. No one who’s a fan of Kelly’s expects her stories to be seat of the ...

Enduring Light

It's easy to forget that just a scant hundred years ago people all over this country lived under rough, primitive conditions. That in 1910, the West was still being won. And it is painful to be reminded that for many centuries people of all kinds faced prejudices in this great melting pot of ours. S ...

Behind Closed Doors

After I finished Behind Closed Doors, I waited awhile before sitting down to write the review because I found it difficult to separate my religious objections to the book from the story itself. In the end, I’m not really sure I did. Ms. Collins’ stock in trade is writing borderline-lurid romanti ...