The Vampire Armand

The Vampire Armand is fatally flawed, and considering the protagonist is immortal, that's quite a dilemma. I look forward to every new release by Anne Rice, and enjoyed Pandora, her last release in her vampire series. However, she hasn't written a keeper for me since Taltos (one of her Mayfair Witch ...

Brides of the Night

I really like vampire romances. I especially like the ones where the hero is not tortured and trying to change himself back into being human. Neither of these stories falls into that category, thank goodness. Brides of the Night is a different Intimate Moments title. Instead of one nov ...


I've read every book, with the exception of one, that Anne Rice has written, including her S&M fantasies, and have thoroughly enjoyed most of them, even when they've "weirded me out". At her best, the author creates entirely new worlds for readers to explore. At her worst, the author veers into ...