Vino and Veritas series


Undercover is new-to-me author Eliot Grayson’s entry in the Vino and Veritas series set in small town Vermont.  It’s light-hearted, and readable, and it’s got a bit of a romantic suspense vibe going on, but in the end it didn’t quite seem sure what sort of story it wanted to be.  The suspe ...


Friends, I’ll be honest, I didn’t love the first book in the True North series, Bittersweet, and decided the series wasn’t for me.  But when I learned the author was creating the World of True North - inviting other contemporary romance authors to borrow the setting for their own standalone n ...


Earlier this year, I reviewed Sarina Bowen’s Roommate, which was the starting point for the new multi-authored True North World series, which comprises four mini-series of books set within the world created by Ms. Bowen in her True North stories.  The Vino and Veritas novels are LGBTQ+ romances ...